Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Acid Reflux: The Best Advice I Ever Got

Fitz was a pretty good baby until, night after night, he would cry after I fed him. After almost 2 weeks of him screaming, him constantly spitting up and interrupted sleep for the both of us, I went to visit a friend in the hospital after she had recently had a baby. There happened to be a NICU nurse in her room that overheard me talking about the issues Fitz was having. She gave me a few pieces of advice that completely changed my life...

• Feed your baby on their right sideWhen they lay on their right side the food naturally flows into their belly and is more likely to stay down. When they are on their left side it naturally comes back up. It sounded like hocus pocus and I was skeptical, but I figured it didn't hurt to try. You guys... It was a miracle! Why had I never heard this before?! It's like this secret that every mom should know. (For breastfeeding moms: While nursing on your left side hold your baby normal - across your body with their head slightly elevated. When feeding them on your right side use the football hold, also with their head slightly elevated. This technique reduced my baby's symptoms by AT LEAST 90% and he was a much happier baby.)

Squeeze out your milk firstThis is if you're nursing. They won't swallow as much air if you help to get the milk to flow.

Always swaddleBe sure to pull extra tight along their tummy and chest area.

Elevate their headYou can put a pillow under their mattress so they are sleeping on a slant.

As a new mom I'm no expert, but, because this advice was so valuable to me I try to share it with as many people as possible. It seems like whenever I pass it on to another mom dealing with the same issues, they come back and tell me how much of a difference it has made, especially feeding them on their right side. To me, it's the greatest trick out there and I can't believe the nurses don't tell you about it immediately after having a baby. That advice was as good as gold in my eyes. I hope this helps you, too!

Side note: Fitz turns one in 3 days and I have been so bad about documenting the best, most rewarding year of my life. I'm determined to play catch up on this thing. There is so much I need to document for my memory and my little family's sake.

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