Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adams Baby 1 // 10 Weeks

It has probably been the worst kept secret but it feels so, so good to finally officially let it out that we are expecting a little one in March. Since my sister is getting all fancy pants behind the camera lens, and we were vacationing together in Lake Powell, we decided to take a slightly premature belly shot for the first time at the 10 weeks mark when I was ambitiously trying to make a baby belly out of a bloated belly. But really, it's there underneath that skirt, proven by the fact that I could barrrrely squeeze into this suit. It's just all too exciting to not celebrate this little life growing inside me and document every step of the way. I've been really lucky and haven't had any major horror stories (so far, fingers crossed!) other than the average morning sickness and fatigue. Speaking of, I'm ready for another nap now. And that whole labor and delivery sha-bang come spring? I'm not going to think about that one just yet...

Photo Credit: Merrily Roberts
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