Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lake Powell

We met my family in Lake Powell back in August for a quick weekend trip. It's becoming tricky to get together these days, now that we are becoming more and more spread out with my dad in Hawaii, Merrily in California and us in Utah. We missed having Kirk who is still out in Hawaii and Matt, serving a mission in New York. I was 10 weeks pregnant so it was a totally different experience from any other time in Powell. No cliff jumping, no wakeboarding (well, maybe just a little) and only the mellowest of tube rides behind the boat. All adventure went out the window but it was still fun relaxing in the water and enjoying each other's company when I wasn't napping the days away. And seeing Jillian and Manny braver than the last time we were there got me really excited for our own little water baby someday. That time is getting closer as I watch my belly grow. Is this really happening?? (eeeek!)

All photos by Merrily

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