Monday, October 7, 2013

4th of July in Grand Teton National Park // Part 3

(This is the last of the Jackson posts, I promise!) Mountain biking in Jackson was good to us. We tried Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The trails were well groomed and ranged from easy to difficult consisting of roller coasters and switchbacks and they were all fun in their own way. They weren't very long rides but neither was the chairlift so if you are down with hopping on and off a lot then you will probably enjoy this circuit of trails. You also have to pay to ride the lift up which is a little pricey ($35 per person!). When we needed a break we ate lunch at the bottom of the chairlift and enjoyed the views.

For a longer, secluded and more challenging ride we took the Cache Creek to Game Creek Loop Trail. BRING BUG SPRAY! Those little buggers were killin' me on the long climb up but the way down you'll enjoy narrow s-turns through never ending wild flowers and then ride along pond after pond. Once you hit civilization it's sayonara to the lush landscape and a long cement trail ahead of you for at least 10 more miles. I would shuttle it next time unless I wanted the exercise because hey, I already got my fair share of cardio from the initial climb. Or maybe I'll blame my exhaustion on the fact that my body was making a baby (Surprise!... if you hadn't already seen on instagram) and I had no idea yet. Either way, I was done. Shuttle, right here please!

We ended most of our days with a dip by our campground in Jenny Lake and leisurely biked the paved trail along Teton Park Road where wildlife is found in abundance - some of the moments I cling to.

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