Friday, April 19, 2013

Road Trip // Mountain Biking in Moab

Last weekend, our plans to Fruita with friends were postponed so Larry and I decided to head down to Moab for a solo mountain biking trip with Filly and Sedona in tow. We usually roll into Moab on Friday night when all the great campgrounds are full but we always seem to find a spot just south of town at Ken's Lake. A few months back we sold our Honda Element and thought our days of car camping (my favorite way to camp!) were over until I found an SUV air mattress that fit perfectly in our new car. We slept in the back and each dog had their own bed on the 2 seats up front and we put our belongings up top in the rocket box. Not as roomy as we were used to but it worked and it was comfy enough. We were worried about taking the dogs on the trails since this would be Sedona's first real run along side us so we talked to some guys at the bike shop and they recommended Amasa Back. There were fun parts but we mutually agreed the downhill wasn't worth the too technical uphill of walking our bikes up rock ledges. Another thing about the trail, you share it with 4x4 vehicles which was kinda cool slash annoying.

When we were finished we ate at the Moab Brewery (decent) for burgers and gelato so Larry could watch the tail end of the masters (bleh). A trip to Moab isn't complete without a visit to the Moab Tshirt shop where we picked up some WT trucker hats as souvenirs. Why do I love ghetto trucker hats so much??? Then we ended the day with a quick hike to Delicate Arch since I surprisingly had never done it before. When we got to the top, the winds were so strong we had to take cover behind the rocks. 

The next day we were contemplating Porcupine Rim or Baby Steps Loop. We were again nervous about the dogs so we decided to ride Baby Steps and later regretted that decision a bit. I had done it once before but it had been years and I don't think I did the whole loop the first time and possibly had taken a different turn. But this time the ride was a long and gradual climb with a little bit of downhill leading to long and flat sand traps. Not that fun. We followed the loop and then cut down through Dino to make our way back to the parking lot. 

Ah, and look at those faces! Luckily we packed the booties for the dogs because the not-so-slick rock was starting to make their paws bleed. If you plan on taking your dogs you should definitely bring booties. Lifesaver! They wouldn't have lasted without them.

The trails we took were fun but not our favorites but it was nice to have a change of scenery and get away from the rains we would have had back home. Next time, I hope it's hot enough to try and find this secret watering hole with a rock slide I once read about.

Yay for the weekend!... We hope you have a fun one!

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birds do it better... said...

What new car did u get? I still want an element, but it doesn't make sense to get a 4 seated car... Grrr. Porcupine rim trail is one of my faves ever. Even tho Garretth and I almost died on it once.