Friday, March 15, 2013

Paris // Day 2

We saved an entire day for the Chateau de Versailles and although it's hard to pick a highlight from the trip, this place might top the list. We toured the main palace first as the rains came down and made our way out to the gardens and to Marie Antoinette's Hamlet when the skies cleared and where I died and went to heaven a little bit. Her farm (oh, the farm!) stole my heart. Don't ever skip this part if you get the chance to go. We also explored little hideaways like the grotto and stumbled on her personal theatre. That girl was definitely a dreamer and I love her for it. We ate one of my favorite meals for lunch at the Angelina Tea Room where I had the most amazing macarons (which I normally am never a fan of) and a ham and butter sandwich. Later I learned you should order a croissant and their hot chocolate to dip it in. I somehow missed the memo and have something to look forward to if I ever go back. That and the christmas ornament I meant to buy before the gift shop closed :(. We found a small restaurant where I gave myself mad props and a round of high fives for tasting escargot. I never thought I could mussy up the courage. At the end of the day we had some drama with our apartment and while we were sightseeing the management moved our luggage to another place for us to stay. Trying to find it in the rain at night with no cell service, no specific address and overly jet lagged made it an interesting hunt but finding free wifi saved us from sleeping on the streets. Thank you, McDonalds! Oh, and can you tell my boot is leaking? Because it was. The rain and the cracked sole of my shoes (that I didn't notice until I already left for my trip) didn't get along very well. I avoided puddles like the plague for our entire trip.


Fern said...

Your photos are amazing! The weather looksa so nice. Never stop blogging, I love it. I want to hop on a plane and go back right now.

Kassey said...

omg Aly that pic of you and me near the bottom steals my heart!! I love you so much!! Thanks for posting!

chelsea b james said...

seriously your pics are amazing. they make my heart heart. Your outfits are insane. You guys are some stylin ladies! i wanna go to europe with the girls!!!!!!