Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paris // Day 1

Of all the places in the world to travel with Larry, France would be at the top of the list. You see, he lived in Southern France for two years and knows the language well. And they have always said, Paris is the most romantic city. So, naturally, I imagined sharing pain au chocolats, exploring the Musee de Louvre, breaking baguettes and touring the cobblestone streets with my lover in tow. Buuut, when someone offers you a last minute buddy pass for a girly getaway it's a hard one to turn down. And the mister was extra gracious and agreed I couldn't decline. In addition to our (semi obnoxious) instagram feeds, I'm finally posting some pictures from part of my trip back in October with Kassey and Fern. Tre, tre bien!

Once we were settled in our apartment Fern quickly turned into the most fabulous tour guide with Rick Steve's attached to her hip (which by the way, you must download his audio apps if you ever take a trip to Europe). We toured Notre Dame, Sainte-Chapelle and then the Eiffel Tower where we happened to run into Karly with her study abroad group (what are the chances?!). Strolling along the Seine and Parisian city streets for the very first time made for one giddy girl right here. Stumbling upon the historical english bookstore, Shakespeare and Company, was one of my favorite treasures in the city. Walking from nook to cranny filled with stories and dreams felt as if time had never turned in that little space - similar to the romantic scenes from Midnight in Paris. Definitely stop in next time you are near.


Marlee Gennille said...

SO JEALOUS. love all of these.

Kassey said...

ahhhhhh take me back!!! What an unforgettable time!!