Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry Christmas Card

It was extra nice spending quality time with family and friends over the holiday week. It's sad to think we have a whole year before we can do it again although, I'm tempted to leave up our decorations around the house. The twinkle lights and garlands have a way of making our little cabin feel extra warm and cozy among all the snow that surrounds us. The Utah cold makes me want to go back to the moment we took this picture. We stopped in Sedona on our way back home from visiting family in Arizona over Thanksgiving. It was one of the only recent photos we had of all four of us. So, our 2012 Christmas card it became thanks to the impromptu iPhone camera!  


chelsea b james said...

such a cute little family. i love the snow and font. how did you do that o master? show me the ways! i want to be a master hacker too

birds do it better... said...

cute card fo sho... dogs and all. christmas in utah was so fun. your party was a total hit. i wish i saw you more than just a few times a year (tear).

Lopez Love said...

The cutest Christmas card! And you always have the Cutest outfits!! Love it.