Monday, July 30, 2012

Utah Hike // Tibble Fork Reservoir

Tibble Fork is nestled on the north side of American Fork Canyon and easy to get to. I like hiking along the south side of the reservoir and then up into the canyon of trees. Jamie and I took the dogs out to get some exercise when she was in town.

I took my sister and her kids when they were visiting, too. There is a dirt trail that is easy to find but slightly technical if you have little buddies tagging along. We had to help my niece and nephew on some parts of the trail but other than that they made it just fine. If you can get there in the morning you'll escape some of the crowds. We went a little later in the day but managed to find a quiet spot along the river to skip rocks and picnic. Tibble Fork Res is always a nice escape from the burbia. There's also one of my favorite sledding hills up there in the winter time.

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P. Noelle Cruz said...

These photos of Utah are beautiful!! My hubby and I have been living in South Korea for a year and we miss America so much. We've never been to Utah, but these photos make us want to go! Thanks for sharing!