Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Utah Hike // Silver Lake

We planned on taking my mom up a scenic trail in American Fork Canyon last Sunday but at the last minute we decided to hike up to Silver Lake instead. She was such a trooper. It's about 1.5 hours of hiking up hill and the sun was beating down pretty hard. When we got to the top she was the first one to jump in the water. She has been like that my whole life. When Filly saw us jump in she ran for her life in the opposite direction. Sedona was a rockstar and swam out to us on her own ...twice! At least one of our dogs isn't a lemon. We had the whole lake to ourselves just as the sun was setting behind the silhouette of the mountains. Some time in the next couple weeks we want to hike to Silver Glance Lake, 900 feet above Silver Lake. We've never been but we heard it's beautiful.

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amanda james said...

this is the first thing i'm doing when i get home. thanks sister.