Thursday, July 12, 2012

SE Asia // Part 3 // Phi Phi Thailand

Phi Phi was exactly how I envisioned Thailand. Well, the landscape at least. We stayed in a shack at the Sunset Pavillion. It suited us fine but not the best. No a/c, no warm water but it was cheap and convenient and overlooked the west side of the Loh Dalum Bay. We were only in Phi Phi for 2 days so we started our first afternoon with a private longboat to the north islands and snorkeled a few different reefs. Our driver dropped us off at the national park where we had to pay money to walk around. I would bypass this next time. Not worth it. But we did find wild iguanas, a secluded beach and some cool photo ops.

That night we walked around the street shops, ate dinner at some local spot and then hit up the beach along Loh Dalum Bay with all the hippy ravers for the fire shows. This place is like party heaven for the single folk. Everyone was walking around with buckets of rum and all sorts of goodies. Glow sticks and all. It was like a beach party on crack and you could hear the music for miles. No exaggeration there. We could hear the house and trance music from our bed but we were so tired, we could have slept through anything.
 The next day we woke up early for another private long boat tour but this time to the southern islands. We stopped at Maya Bay (this is where they shot most of the movie, The Beach) and walked around through the jungle and then to some other beautiful coves for some more snorkeling. We begged our driver to take us to a cliff jumping spot. It was like pulling teeth but he finally caved. I somehow had the guts to back flip it from 20 feet, don't ask me how but I'm glad I did. It was awesome.

After our boat tour we walked down the southern path and found a ghetto place for lunch. The food was a bust but the view overlooking Ton Sai Bay was amazing. Next time, we prob want to stay in a hotel on this side. After lunch we took a trail to Long Beach and snorkeled with sharks. They are little reef sharks that never bother anybody but it was still a first for me. It was super cool. We cleaned up and grabbed some dinner, watched another fire show and then ended the night with a massage. The next morning we left the tropical part of our vacation and headed for the city of Chiang Mai. But not without a fresh blended smoothie and a thai pancake. Those smoothies might be the best I ever had.

Have you been to Phi Phi before? Are there any secrets or tips we missed out on? Great places to stay, delicious restaurants to try? We would love to know in case we ever go back.

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amanda james said...

what...your pictures are way too cute. we were so beat down in all of ours! i'm so proud of my crumpett for doing a back flip. I barely dared to jump off, and my boobies were engorged with milk and hurt like a mo fo the rest of the week. dooooont! i want to swim with the sharksies!

alyson said...

Thanks but you?... beat down? Not possible. Can't wait for Zion's! Then you will really see beat down.

chelsea b james said...

Um you look beautiful. I am totally speechless. Your babymoon looked amazing