Monday, July 9, 2012

SE Asia // Part 2 // Koh Tao Thailand

I previously blogged about the first part of our SE Asia dream vaycay and it's taken longer than I planned to post the next chapter, but here goes. After our trip to Cambodia, Koh Tao couldn't have been a more perfect escape. We totally splurged and got ourselves a legit bungalow right over the water at the Haadtien. We felt like spoiled high rollers hangin around at our resort. When it started raining we were glad we took the bungalow with the covered porch. We read books and relaxed as the raindrops fell in a down pour. At one point we ran in the water and welcomed the tropical storm with open arms as we splashed around on our empty beach only steps away from a warm shower, white robes and just us. Heaven, I tell ya. 

When we weren't lounging we were exploring the island on our scooter. You can rent one all day for $6. Somehow we escaped crashing ours after hearing horror stories of people scarring their bodies and paying a pretty penny for the damage they caused to the bike. We found our way to Mango Bay where the snorkeling is crystal clear. There's a good restaurant right over the water if you get hungry in between dips. We met a guy on the way down there that has a sweet lookout point and cold beverages for sale. He was telling us about the zipline he wants to put in so maybe next time we go back we can try it out.

In town we found a really good pizza place called Safari Pizza and ate there 4 times in a row (you can find it on the road that goes up and away from the pier). They had free wifi and the best strawberry lassis we've ever tasted. And there is another restaurant Cubby and Amanda recommended called Pranee's Kitchen (go down the road toward the pier, when you get to the end turn right and it's the last restaurant on the right, next to Ananda Resort). They had cheap and tasty thai food and played movies while you ate. Sold.
Exploring little coves and hidden resorts on the scooters with each other was probably our favorite. We found a 25 - 30 foot island cliff in Lang Khaai Bay. Luckily there were snorkelers in the water that let us know it was a safe place to jump. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the guts to do it. They also have wave runner rentals there for 4000 baht an hour. Pricey, even for American standards so we passed but we thought it would be the coolest way to explore secret coves and the more secluded beaches. Maybe next time.

Larry loves putt-putt so when we saw the miniature golf course he was sold. It was probably the hardest course we ever played but quite possibly the most fun. This place was legit with p├ętanque, volleyball, bowling and some other games I can't remember. 

Massage parlors are a dime a dozen. Our favorite was Sunset Massage (on the road going down toward the pier toward the bottom on the right). They played music and was more relaxing. I think we had 6 massages in 4 days. We were so spoiled here it was hard to leave knowing the scrappers in us had to come out to compensate for the money we spent on our beach bungalow.

We booked our tickets on the night ferry to Phi Phi. We were smart and bought some cheap towels from a gift shop right before we boarded. It was the best $6 we ever spent. The mattresses were so nasty and sweat infested from who knows how many people over the years so having towels to lay on saved us. When I went to use the bathroom on the boat I was like, "nice try, where's the real toilet?" There was no toilet paper, no trashcan, just a common flat asian pooper to stand over with a bowl of water next to it to pour in as a flusher. It wouldn't have been so bad if I were a guy and could bypass that 7 days out of the month that us women are oh so fortunate to embrace. I had horror in my eyes and probably slept a whole 1.5 hours on that boat but truth be told we were on our way to a paradise straight from Leonardo DiCaprio's dreams. I just had to make it through the night while Larry slept, take a bus ride and another boat ride the next morning and then we would be there...


Azy said...

next time Chris and I want to tag along! looks amazing!

The Roberts said...

Looks lovely!

chelsea james said...

i love that place! your pictures are amazing

amanda james said...

i'm so glad you guys splurged on that place. that's where we're staying if we ever go back. i love that place!