Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Know Your Food. Know Your Farmer.

These days I'm really into supporting local companies so when Cahootal was launched I was excited. I'm stocked up on my groceries from buying bulk a ways back but my supply is starting to run low. Pretty soon I'll be adding this local honey, some grass fed hamburger patties and fresh salsa to my virtual shopping cart. And maybe some Amano Chocolates while I'm at it. Anybody living on the Wasatch Front can, too. And to make it easier they will deliver your groceries to your door for free on Thursday nights to all their facebook or twitter followers - not a bad gig. I dig them, their branding and their biz. Bravo, Cahoots!!


Anonymous said...

whoooooooaaaaa i wish i could scratch and sniff those photos. that honey looks divine. thanks for the tip.

chelsea b james said...

genius. thanks for sharing the wealth!

River Trout said...

cahootal loves aly!!!! :) :) :) thanks for the support!