Monday, April 16, 2012

Snowshoeing Stewart

One of the only few winter days this year we were able to crack open the snowshoes. The trail to Stewart Falls up above Sundance was untouched and the scenery was magic. Filly was in heaven.

After making this photo collage I realize how ridiculous we look with our dog. One of these days we should prob swap her out of the lens for a real mini human. But for now, she's like a prop. And it always feels better having something in the photo other than your lonesome.

Stewart Falls // February 2012

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birds do it better... said...

You guys need to move to Oregon, where u can live among the other freaks who treat their dogs as children. I'm comin to Utah for lez's wedding in June! You guys ready to go boating?! No, filly can't come...