Monday, April 2, 2012

Road Trip // Fruita, CO

I third wheeled it with Larry and Cubby down to Fruita, CO this last weekend. Amanda is out of town so I was left hangin with the boys. We heard Fruita was only 30 minutes farther than Moab so we thought we'd mix it up and try something new. Here's a quick vid I made on my iphone.

We camped at 18 Road and played around on those trails the first day.  We started at the top, went down Kessler, up Prime Cut, down Chutes & Ladders, down Vegetarian and back up to our campsite. It was a long 13 miles for our first real ride of the season. The next morning we woke up and took a joy ride on Joe's ridge. Joe's and Kessler were our favorites in the 18 Road area.

After Joe's we packed up camp and went to the Kokopelli area. If we weren't so tired from the day before we would have stayed to try more trails but we only managed to fit in Rustler's Loop. It was a beginners trail but still really fun. The diverse terrain was more our style with rock steps, slick rock, and dirt. The views of the Colorado weren't too shabby either.  Next time we go down we want to camp in the Kokopelli area and ride Horsethief and Mary's. We heard they are fun ones.

How does Fruita compare to Moab? It's 10 degrees cooler and less crowded. The trails are also good but there are higher rated trails in Moab along with the T-shirt shop, a main factor in my opinion. Conclusion: You can't go wrong either way and it's always fun exploring a new little gem.

Stay tuned for a mega vid from our Thailand trip. I'm going to go full throttle with that one. I have so much fun footage from that dreamland.


amanda james said...

oh my gosh. my heart hurts! those trails are soooo pretty. bye bye moab, bye bye forever. That would be the scenery I would live in. cubby is such a iphone junkie.

Marlee Gennille said...

the loveliest.