Thursday, April 26, 2012


The fact I got my blood drawn and didn't pass out is huge. Most people are normal and go into the blood lab. I, on the other hand, have some major issues and, on doctors orders, I am required to have my blood drawn in the E.R. in case my heart stops beating. Silly as it sounds, it's true. Which is why I have no idea what my blood type is and I've put it off for years. So after 2.5 mg of ativan, a jumbo gatorade loaded with electrolytes, a quick blessing in the parking lot, smelling salts, a few jokes to make me laugh and Larry pinching me as hard as he can all over my body (finally a crazy regimen that works!), I was able to get my blood drawn without passing out and going asystolic. Laugh all you want but I'm going to reward myself.

Is anybody else afraid of needles like I am or am I alone on this? Anytips for people with this condition? I'm definitely more of an extreme case but if you have any creative ways of going through with medical procedures I'm all ears. Perhaps some of my tips and tricks can help any other lemons out there. It's taken me years of panic to figure out some of mine.  Fingers crossed they work every time.


chelsea b james said...

good work woman! It sounds like you know every trick in the book. A couple of years ago I would faint by even the sight of needles, but i think having a runt took away my fear. I don't know.

i miss you guys! tell little philly hello

amanda james said...

poor little lemon. i hate getting my blood drawn too.

alyson said...

Keeping my fingers crossed my issues go away with kids. I just don't think they will. Give those twinner boys a kiss for me!