Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram Recap // This Weekend & Last

Just some instagrams between now and the weekend before this last one. It was nice to have more of a relaxing 2 days all to ourselves after our visitors had come and gone. It was so much fun having everyone but it feels good to wind down with just you and your one and only. We explored some bike trails up and around suncrest. The trails were still a bit muddy but it felt good to get away from the city streets with the sun on our backs and the trees to tunnel through. Summer's almost here, I can feel it!


amanda james said...

i wanna go biking! you know jess and tom competed in a mountain bike race in lambert last weekend? you and larry should have joined that crowd.

alyson said...

What? That i s so cool. I don't think I would ever race. I'll stick to cruising at my own pace. I don't need any incentive to go faster than I should. Hitting a tree haunts my dreams.