Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Night In

Eight (and a half) of us stayed in, made individual heart shaped pizzas and had our way with a homemade smilebooth. We might have to make this a tradition every year. I'm tempted to post the super sexy censored pics but I'm thinking that would be a little over the top. On a classier note, I hope you all enjoyed your lover dover day!


birds do it better... said...

This looked so fun! Email me some of the censored pics, I need a good laugh. I am a couch ridden jabba the hut these days. I love the last pic of jude's crotch shot. Amanda is hilarious. I just got an itouch so I guess I'll catch you on instagram... Only four years late, no biggie.

amanda james said...

that was so fun! I loved having valentines with my other homies. Lets do a tradition and the photo booth has to be there too...topless next year he he.

Teri said...

ALy you are so creative, the photo booth was so much fun and such a great idea. I LOVE our censored pic. it is so great! I want to learn how to do that photo trick you did with the first pic! Teach me your tricks :)