Friday, January 27, 2012

Instagram Recap // San Fran Thanksgiving

I'm way behind on posting our happenings on this virtual journal and I realized that I am much better at blogging when I am stressed and busy. It is strangely therapeutic for me and somewhat of a juggling act. Since my life has slowed down a bit I'm not on here as much. I'll try to play catch up through my quickie pics from my iphone. Since I downloaded the Instagram app, my iphone is becoming my choice camera. These are some pics from when we road tripped to San Francisco for Thanksgiving.

So I don't forget: We drove to Fresno to spend Thanksgiving day with Larry's parents since it will be the last time for us to spend the holiday with them for 3 years (they will be living out of the country in the near future) and perhaps the last time for Larry to go home to his old neighborhood. As we drove through Las Vegas we were feeling lucky so we gave the cards a shot. Larry walked away with some winnings and the extra cash gave us something to get excited about in the middle of the night. Spontaneity payed off and the excitement kept us awake the rest of the drive. After a relaxing Thanksgiving feast in Fresno we went to see Hugo. The next morning Larry escorted me through the Fresno ghetto to hit up the black friday sale at Anthro. It was just too good to pass up and it payed off to get our christmas shopping done early. We then all drove to San Francisco to hang out in Heidi's hood.  She took us to a really good, but different, southern Indian Restaurant called Dosa and afterwards ate dessert at Citizen Cake and we saw a movie at the Sundance Theater - the coolest theatre I've ever been to. Absolutely beautiful. The next day we biked the Golden Gate Bridge and all throughout the Golden Gate Park for 7 hours straight with a quick lunch break at The Beach Chalet. We ended the bike ride with Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate and the next day I have never been more sore. The bike ride was over 10 miles of hills and the highlight was when Anna told Dave if he passed her she would get off her bike, sit on the sidewalk and cry. I was so checked out during the last hour but it was totally worth it. We were able to see so much of San Fran that I had never seen before. Kassey and Will were in the City as well so we met them for shopping in Union Square and then dinner at South Paw along with Heidi and Larry's childhood friend, Allen and his fiance. For the most part it was a short trip but jam packed with activities. And thanks to Heidi, we were on the local fast track to yummy restaurants and pretty sites. On the drive home we took the northern and more scenic route through Lake Tahoe and stopped for a burger at The Char Pit.  Thanks to Gossip Girl episodes and The Hunger Games on audio, the drive went by surprisingly fast.  It was one of the best audio book we've listened to.

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