Monday, October 10, 2011

Injured Pup

Poor girl... Cut her chest open on some barbed wire. She's tough, though. Doesn't even phase her. Especially since Kenya has been staying with us. She's all play, our little one and now has a buddy to pester all day. Filly is like the annoying child that can't take Kenya's hints... or growls. One thing is for sure - they both get plenty of love from Daddy/Uncle Larry. He spoils them with treats, walks and cuddle time - their 3 favorite things in life. And despite his protests regarding her sweater, it covers her bandage and keeps her warm against the declining temps which means, I win ;)


amanda james said...

oh my i bet kenya was in heaven sleeping on your couch. she is so neglected around here. i owe you my life for taking our pup while we were goney.

amanda james said...

ps, what are you going to dress philly up for halloween?

alyson said...

I bought her a chicken costume. I thought it was fitting after her "chicken killer" incident. Too bad it doesn't stay on very well.