Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Happy

Kicked another year in the bucket.

I wanted to be mellow and just hang out with Larry for my day. Well, and of course take Kassey up on our annual lunch at Sundance. That is obviously a given. Mother nature couldn't have been kinder. She sent the leaves into a diddy, causing them to fall and dance through the air on cue as we winded up the canyon road. We could feel the love she was sharing with us. A masterpiece, most likely displayed for us, of course.

After lunch at the grill, Larry took me out for arcade games and mini putt-putt. We went to dinner and then he surprised me with tickets to the musical, My Fair Lady. I told him I hoped for him to plan something a little out of the ordinary, something we had never done before. So all in all, it was perfect. Did I forget to mention he sent Jamie through the streets of NYC to hunt for a jacket for me?! So sneaky! They tag teamed it and got me something real special. I know not all birthdays are fun and games. I've had my fair share of bummer ones but I feel particularly lucky this year. Thanks for all the birthday love and kindness. It sent such a good vibe to me all day. Enough to last me through my twenties, even if they are shortly coming to an end.


Kassey said...

now i just can't wait for the birthday finale!! GIRLS TRIP!

alyson said...

It's coming up real quick!!

amanda james said...

what a good boy larry is.