Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Regrets

I wish I was a ballerina
I wish I would have gone to graphic design school
I wish I would have studied abroad
I wish I would have paid more attention in school
I wish I wouldn't have been so afraid of marriage
I wish my parents never got divorced
I wish I didn't sound like a 5 year old with this wish list


Megan Thompson said...

hehe I have been thinking some of these same things lately... love you girl!! And i wish you went to Graphic Design school too. You are sooo TaelnEteD!! On the note go back! or start taking classes it doesnt even seem like you need them ...

alyson said...

Girl, you are too kind. But really, I am such a struggler. There are far too many tricks to learn.

The Roberts said...

This made me cry :(

alyson said...

It makes me a little or a lot sad, too. But life is well and good. I love you baby sis.