Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Little Wooden Lemon

We have a problem and we need some help. Our house completely leaks when the wind, rain and snow picks up. The logs were not sealed properly and has created a pricey debate. Rather than removing the old calk and applying new calk, patching the holes, sandblasting the uneven stain and then re-staining another option would be to apply a vapor seal and then a new material on top of the existing logs.  We can't decide which one to go with. Reclaimed wood siding or cedar shingles? Although both are a little pricey, the maintenance is literally nothing compared to re-staining and re-calking every 3 years if we left the log cabin look. Which right now is not an option. So, we have a dilemma. Any words of advice would be appreciated. I love our little wooden cabin but I wish she wasn't such a lemon.

Reclaimed wood siding:

// or //

Cedar shingles:

Current front:

Current side:

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Dallin said...

Well being from the East I am slight partial to Wooden Shingles. I love them and my future house will have them.

However reclaimed wood siding is sick and we just built our nursery using reclaimed wood and its definitely a good look for here in Utah.

Either way you'll like it. Might even do both somehow with reclaimed wood siding and accents of wood Shingles. Just a thought. A lot of beach houses by us in NJ use a mix of wood and shingles


Megan Thompson said...

I love the reclaimed wood!

River Trout said...

your log cabin is soooooo great!

at first glance i kind of love the shingles. so east coast beachy hoity-toity.

but i also love the reclaimed wood as well. seems very utah-appropriate and probably less maintenance in the long run? and cleaner/straighter lines too.

i was thinking the same as dallin that maybe you could do both? is that crazy? will that be double the cost? are you re-roofing as well or is this just the walls?

i think the banisters could be really great if you paint them white and all the trims like the house above. but it's also so pretty just as wood. i don't know how homeowners ever make decisions. hopefully i'll just live in an apartment right next to ikea forever... :)


tara s.

longest post ever

chelsea b james said...

my pick would be the reclaimed wood siding, but either one would be amazing. i love your house