Monday, August 8, 2011

Movie Review // Crazy Stupid Love

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I had one of those nerdy moments in the movie theatre this weekend.  Y'know... when laughing just doesn't do enough so you add a couple "claps out loud" because you just can't contain yourself? That was me. Crazy Stupid Love was exactly that - Crazy, stupid... and I loved it.  If you go to this flick, keep in mind there will be many really lame scenes but they are evenly balanced with a brilliant and charming cast that pulls it all together and leaves you with sore cheekbones from smiling so much. Don't be alarmed if your heart goes racing during Ryan Gosling's sexy / creepy / dirt bag pick up lines.  He's the only one that could get me like that.  I totally adored Emma Stone and everyone else they through in the mix. Too cute. Go see it.


birds do it better... said...

i agree. this movie was the best. i loved all the face slapping. never got old.

alyson said...

You should move here so we can go to the movies together. And for a lot of other reasons. Don't tell Tyler I said that.