Thursday, August 25, 2011

Home Video // Teri's Bachelorette Party

Ter-Ter is pretty special, hence all the lovely gifts she received from her fellow lady lovers. I have a feeling she will still hit up the dance floor for some girly moves she has shaking up her sleeve long after her nuptials to the hasen-meister. Those two are precious. This is the video from her all ladies all nighter bridal shower/bachelorette party or whatever you want to call it.

*Don't mind the little sound glitch toward the end. Not sure exactly what happened there.


birds do it better... said...

Did I really miss this? Life is so unfair sometimes. Nice job on the video aly, it made me tear up like a big dork. I was giggling at all of ter's mannerisms... No one is like ter-bear. No one.

alyson said...

No one.