Wednesday, July 27, 2011

She's A Scrapper

After 45 minutes of Filly swiping my ankles and clinging to my legs as I cleaned the house I decided to give in to her nagging and play.

And yep! We are finally back.  It feels good to be home after 9 days (2500 miles!) of road trippin, 4 National Parks, hundreds of splattered insects and 1 more stamp on our passports.  Mind you, we slept in our car for 7 of those nights straight with our dog.  I'll be sharing more pics from our trip real soon.


Neena said...

that is so stinkin hilarious!

birds do it better... said...

where the crap did you go and why did it not include oregon?!!

alyson said...

hey bird... I texted you back. We took a trip to Canada. Unfortunately, Oregon was not in our cards. But perhaps it should be real soon??