Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mountain Party Surprise

Yesterday was Amanda and Chelsea's birthday so we decided to get all tricky-dicky and surprise them on the mountain bike trail with party hats, balloons, silly string and all. It was quite the process riding up to the surprise spot with everything in tow (with only 2 balloons as casualties). We set up the piƱata and then mid banner hanging we heard them coming so we scrambled under the bridge. When they rolled through we let loose on the silly string, "happy birthdays!" and "surprises!" . Mid celebration we managed to disturb a major grumpster that was trying to show off for his girlfriend. He rode past us and took a pic of Kenya and Filly.  He told us the dogs had to be leashed up and sent the pic in to the trails committee. Oh no you di-int. Larry and Cubby almost got in a fight with the guy. I wish I had it recorded. Cubby was all up in his grill with a party hat on top of his bike helmet acting all tuff. Aaaaamazing. The guy had it coming, though. He was such a dirt bag.

If you are ever having a downer of a day go mountain biking with a party hat on. Everyone will tell you happy birthday (minus the grumpster) and then... all is peachy. Or, you will look like a total dork. Take your pick!


Mel and Nate said...

That is hillarious the he was getting mad at that guy with a party hat on. I was cracking up! Love you!

amanda james said...

best party eva. sick em! that guy was such a grumpster. He wanted some action from his ghetto girl. thanks for all the treats and treasures!