Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washington Square Park

I love this park, especially at night with the arch illuminated and the empire state building glowing through the darkness.  On warm days it's a great place to relax with a good book in hand among the scent of candy nut vendors, the sound of local musicians, hobo chess players and neighborhood bystanders. Last year, Jessica, Jamie and I were staying only a few blocks away so we would bring our books down and chill out when the sun came out.

On this day, Larry, Jamie and I were on our way home after a looooong day of riding our bikes and rowboating in Central Park. I'm not exactly sure if it was Jamie or Larry who was the third wheel but us threesies were all smiles.  We decided to stop in the park since it had been a first for Larry.  We had a mini photo shoot and messed around a bit with the camera settings - one of my favorite things to do with my man, even though it usually takes a little coaxing from my end. I guess it's the girl in me.  The pictures came out slightly blurry but I still like them. I'm also a sucker for my little pony tail. It reminds me of a deer tail being all cute and teeny tiny.


jam said...

i miss you here. we had soooo much fun! loves

amanda james said...

you guys look so cute, and you are like a anthropologie model there. I was such a scrapper in nyc. i love your little pony!