Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Newlyweds

Was anybody else as obsessed with the royal wedding as I was? I thought it was all quite magical. As if we had gone back in time to witness a long lived tradition. It's not every day we can experience something of the sort. I'll bet you the Middletons were in awe and I can only imagine all the thoughts going through their heads as if they were in a dream, walking down the red carpet of the historic Westminster Abbey in the company of royals and millions of others watching from all over the world.  I remember when I vacationed in London 10 years ago I was always on watch for Prince William. I had such a crush. Nowadays I'm a little smitten with the more rambunctious of the two, Harry.

The crowds:

First glimpse of father and daughter:

The breathtaking bride and maid of honor were beautiful in their dresses:

The Groom and Prince Harry (I love him):

My favorite hats of the event:

And a few more for fun:

The royal newlyweds: 

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