Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spread the word

If any of you are interested in a free aerobics class then hit up the tramps at Airborne. The biz is offering a free class to all first timers. Tell your friends if you are interested. And for real, it's pretty awesome. I was on a roll before my New York trip but after pizza, chocolate chip bread pudding, cupcakes and chocolate crescents every morning it's back to square one. I hope some of you will join me. And if you do, bring a towel. Our airobics instructors are awesome and they'll get you workin up a slippery sweat. Peace out lovers.

Class Schedule (starting May 2nd) -
Monday - Friday at 10 am
Saturday at 9 am

Directions to the Draper location:
Take I-15 exit 12300 South, go West.
First left at Lone Peak.
First left at stop sign.
First Right.

For more information click here.


fREnCh TrOSt said...

We went to Airborne for the first time last week and we were so bummed we didn't get to see you there, I hope you had a blast in New York! We had TONS of fun playing dodgeball!!! Maybe we will have to try out the airobics, I'll talk Kevin into it:)

Teri said...

Aly, you are so good at marketing. I love your ad. wish i wasn't broken and could come! booo :( but i'll def spread the word.