Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NYC Diary Day 1: A not so savvy street smarts start

My New York vacation starts with an embarrassing 
facebook status which reads: 

"I had no idea I left my purse on the subway until a guy threw it at me 
through the doors as the train was leaving without a second to spare. 
Thanks to him, I have my cash, cards, I.D., phone, directions and keys 
to jamie's apt. That was a close call. Thank you for the warm welcome NYC!"

...and a few other mishaps to go with it:
- ruined my 1 week metro pass on my 1st day (who does that?!)
- lost an umbrella on the subway (oopsy! Jam, I owe you one).  

We attempted to go to the Yankees game but it was 
cancelled due to the rainy weather (and quite possibly 
my bad luck I brought with me).

The day was wrapped up with a comforting meal 
at the Grey Dog in Chelsea with some of my 
favorite girls and a high school reunion with 
Leslie's lover matey, Tyler. 

As for now, I sit here getting a glimpse of 
Jamie's little life, in her little mint green bedroom 
above the streets of Little Italy, awaiting her return 
from cancun tomorrow as the sound of rain and 
thunder rumble at her window.  Let's hope I'll 
have better luck in those soggy streets when I wake up.
I'm calling it a night.

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