Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One year ago today

I've been thinking about New York like crazy lately. I even dedicated a pinterest category to what I want to do and see when the mister and I take a break from work this spring.  Maybe it's because a year ago today, Jamie and I were on a plane flying to the east coast for a month of freedom from our lives.  Looking back, my life has gone through numerous significant changes from that day. In a whole year I lived vacayed in the west village in NYC for 30 days, reunited with my Larry, waitressed at this sweet gig (after breaking my vow to never serve again), raised a brand new puppy, got engaged, planned a wedding, was wed to my lover matey, honeymooned in Kauai, moved back to Provo, bought a house and moved (again) up north, started our business(es), somewhat renovated our new house... am I forgetting anything!?  I could have never imagined what was in store for me. For larry and me. This day a year ago, I was single and looking for change. Well, I think I found it. And I learned you never really know what life has in store for you around the corner.
One of the first hikes we took Filly on up at Stewart Falls. She was so little. Summer 2010.

I never would have put the dates together if it wasn't for Jamie. She came into town and reminded me while we were sitting on the chairlift at Snowbird.  We celebrated our 1 year anniversary with powder runs and noodle legs.  Let's just say I'm not in the best shape right now and the first ride of the season (a few too many falls and a branch to the face) wore me out.
I am so grateful for our friendship and the time we spent together in New York last spring. That trip led to many wonderful beginnings for me and will never be forgotten.
Eating at The Grey Dog in the West Village, NYC.  Spring 2010.
Brooklyn Bridge after a day in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Spring 2010.


jmb said...

So crazy it's been a whole year. I'm sitting in our little apartment right now as I read this and I got to tell you, it's pretty lonely here with out you girls!
Maybe we could rondevue in NY again some day and live the life I wanted to live while we were all here! I didn't get much partying in that month.

LeakyLarry said...

jess, i am so jealous you are there. It's so weird to think of going back to nyc but not staying in that apartment. We got so lucky. I hope you had a fun trip. I miss you!

LeakyLarry said...

I hate when I am in Larry's account and I leave blog comments...

amanda james said...

i can't believe that was a year ago!