Thursday, March 3, 2011

Amish Country

When I was young we took a few trips back east to my mother's hometown of Towanda, Pennsylvania.  On occasion, we would drive to Amish country whether it be for authentic quilts or to just take a peak at such an intriguing way of life.  I distinctly remember one family had a dog with a fresh litter of puppies. The dad asked us if we wanted one but of course we declined since we were only on vacation and had to board a plane to make it back to California.  Right then, he took the puppies outside and cut their throats without flinching or shedding a tear. He was intense.  Of course I was mortified and my mother loaded me in the car so I wouldn't make a scene. Aside from the puppy sacrifice (...and a few other extreme practices), the amish have it right.  Living simply off the land while devoting their life to God, their family and farm.  By restricting access to electricity they are keeping the modern world from intruding into their home.  Don't get me wrong, I love living modern but their plain and simple lifestyle attracts such a curiosity in me.  I was telling Larry the other day that I dream of someday (soon please!) roadtrippin the east coast with him.  Stopping in the local amish general stores would be high on my priority list.

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