Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gnome Ladies

Kerin, Candace and I put together a little shower for Kassey. Too bad our only camera was my phone. We played up her gnome baby room theme thanks to all of kerin's bright ideas. She made these little toadstools and beards for all of us to wear. My hat was blue so I looked more like a wizard than a gnome. I made Kassey take this picture with her little terrarium of gnomeness.

I bought kneaders' chunky cinnamon bread and copied their most delicious french toast with strawberries and cream. We used some of my wedding props to create more gnomeness.

Augustus is one lucky boy to be greeted by such a terrific mama. We are excited for Will to have help evening out the numbers. Testosterone is on its way.

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chelsea b james said...

i wish i could have come! oh man. i love kassey, that boy is one lucky soul

Kassey said...

Aly I'm soooo glad you put that picture of me up! I mean I look SOOOOO good. thank you.


alyson said...

Oh, Kass. I think it's a cute picture. You could never look bad.