Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cross country disaster turned good

When jamie was in town we tried to go cross country skiing not once, but twice.  The first time we went to REI to rent the ski's and found out a little too late that they don't rent the equipment we needed.  The next day we decided to try again so I woke up early and drove over to amanda and cubby's house to borrow amanda's skis.  I ran back to the car to find all the car doors locked, engine running and filly scratching her paws up and down the window trying to get out so she could be reunited with kenya.  Filly pushed the lock button down when I was grabbing the gear. I promise I love my dog but sometimes she makes life so  hard interesting.  Just then Jamie called to see where I was. I told her the sob story and she was like, do you have a spare key?  "lightbulb!" YES! We have a hide-a-key! oh wait... it's chillin in the dash of the car because I hadn't replaced it since the last time I used it. Nooooooooo!....!!! So the solution was to call Larry and have him come and unlock it. After waiting about 40 minutes I was on my way. I made it to the trailhead up American Fork Canyon and was about to strap on my ski's when I realized I left the ski boots in  Amanda's driveway. Seriously?...  I am the biggest doofus. So i trucked up the trail in my boots.  I pretended I was in the movie The Road to add a little drama to my step. Just me and my pup... hoping to not run into any crazy hungry people. It was so eerie but the scenery up there was blowing my mind. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to live so close to such a landscape.  I never want to leave this place. I eventually met up with the girls and after a yummy hot chocolate break I hitched a ride on the back of teri's skis on the way back down (which quite possibly might have been more fun than if I had my own skis).  I love having cool chicks to hang with. Not only are they some of the raddest girls I know but they are always up for the outdoors and working up a sweat. Golden and for keeps.  Too bad I hardly ever see them anymore. Move back Jam.  And Teri, I miss you. 
Jamster posing like a pro with the pups


birds do it better... said...

This post made be cry. Like huge big crocodile tears.

alyson said...

Don't cry amber. We miss you like crazy! And to be honest, this was a rare occasion. I never see anybody anymore. We need to all plan a caycay together real soon. a'ight?. Later little bird.

Tiffany said...

i love this. and you guys. and i wanna do more outdoors stuff with you Al. i love dez adventures-i'm forgetful too. i can sympathize.