Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our Wedding (1)

Knitted Rocks
Back when I was planning our wedding I asked my mother in law if she would be able to knit some river rocks for the reception decor.  Once I put the idea in her head she called her sister in Canada and figured out patterns over skype.  They showed up with all these beautiful and unique designs.  I was smitten. Definitely one of my favorite pieces we used that i will cherish forever and ever.  Later, I was crushed when I realized some of our wedding guests pocketed my favorite ones. Dooooon't!  I might have even shed a tear.  I told Ana and now she is making me more. That lady.. I know she loves busy work but still I can't believe she offered.  I told her no but she insisted. Inside, my heart swelled.  After the wedding Larry's Aunt decided she wants to start an etsy shop full of these little lovelies.  If anybody is interested in getting their hands on a few, let me know.

Last image by: Leo Patrone

Tree Stands
My step brother Mike is a man of the land.  He grew up in Ririe, Idaho and was up there right before our wedding day.  I wanted a cake stand and other mini stands to display the food at the reception.  He collected and chopped a bunch of wood from his trip, brought them down to Utah and he and my dad put them together for us.  They turned out prefect.  I was so grateful for all the help we were given.  That period was so jam packed of things to do.  I could have never done it on my own.

(speaking of)  The Cake
The first time we tasted Siegfried's tira misu was at the swiss dessert booth of Salt Lake City's living traditions event a couple years back.  Ever since, we would stop in the german deli on more than one occasion for another taste.  When it came to decide on a wedding cake, it was a cinch.  We bought styrofoam for the top and bottom layer, used the tira misu in the middle and bought extra cake to pass out at the reception.  My aunt iced the three layers together and my mom made the cutest cake topper of us as bride and groom out of sculpey clay she molded and painted.  It was adorable with little hand sewn clothes and all.  I took two twigs and fabric and made a little banner to top it off. Cutting into our cake and having the first bite was heaven in my mouth. I'm telling you, this cake is that good.  If you are ever downtown Salt Lake go to Siegfried's and try it some time.  It is the best tira misu you will ever wrap your lips around.


Megan Thompson said...

these are so cute I wanna buy some :) p.s. ur wedding is so rockin!

chelsea b james said...

your wedding was such a showstopper. i want some rocks!

Miss B. said...

your details are impeccable. I'm so glad you showed us the details. love the lace.