Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our First Scrapper Christmas

We found our tree among 3 other little guys on clearance at Lowes for $2, only two days before Christmas.  The original plan was to cut down a tree but we never got around to it. On Christmas Eve the plan was to spend our first night at our new house, make a hearty chicken pot pie and rent a movie off of iTunes. When we got there the internet connection was as slow as a snail - "139 hours for movie to download." Oh really?... We were going to buy food for dinner on the way over but after we had already left we realized we didn't have a refrigerator.  What a bust.  Everything was closed and I was craving a McFlurry.  So for our very first Christmas eve dinner we hit up the drive through at Mickey D's.  As we laughed at our poor planning and ghetto Christmas we decided next year we would make homemade ice cream with our ice cream maker along with homemade popcorn.  While we were discussing our future family traditions my mom was driving up from St. George to spend the holiday with us.  She got in late Christmas eve and we watched Fried Green Tomatoes - a present we had to unwrap early since our options were, well, nothing.

The house was in shambles.  We slept on air mattresses and walked on plywood but it was cozy and warm.  Although our night went a little off course we had many things to laugh about and be grateful for.  The tree was lit up and in the morning we opened up our modest amount of presents.  Larry splurged and surprised me with a sweater I had been eyeing when Amanda and I went shopping.  She is  a sneaky little one.  I was so excited since my selection of clothing has dwindled to about 20% ever since our eternal I do's.

I want to always look back on our first scrapper Christmas to remind us that we don't need to spend exuberant amounts of money on our kids each year.  I always feel bad for the little ones that don't get much and then their high roller friends tell them about all the goodies "Santa" brought them.  I promise that whether we can afford it or not we will focus more on the birth of Christ, being grateful for the blessings we have, the gifts we give and the people we love.  Merry Christmas everyone!


amanda james said...

hear hear. the scrapper xmas's are my favorite too. ps, your onesie you gave jude is my favorite. he wears it every day.

alyson said...

I've noticed in your pictures. I love it!!!