Monday, January 10, 2011

Dodgeball Season

Dodgeball season has officially started at Airborne.  On Saturday night a few of the boys tested out the court.  Suze and I even stepped in for a game.  I thought I was going to drop dead after only 5 minutes.  It's such a cardio killer.  Dodgeball leagues will be starting in February so you might want to get your rowdy crew together and practice your skills on the tramps.


Azy said...

hey this airborne place of yours looks pretty amazing! Hope that business blows up for you guys how could it not?

& i love your new home so cute and so exciting having your own place!

Life looks like its treating pretty great so happy for you! xo

alyson said...

Thanks lady! Next time you guys are up here we should party at airborne. I bet your little gus man would eat it up. Hope all is well down there for you and your little family! Tell Chris I say hi :)