Monday, December 13, 2010

To the Mrs. Joy

Just a little bit of love to my dear friend Joy.  She sent me a text yesterday asking me to come down to her wedding in las vegas today.  What I would give to be spontaneous and jump in the car to head south to warmer weather and a last minute matrimony. She will be the pertiest bride.  I'm so happy for the blissful birds.  Marriage is the most beautiful promise between two little creatures that are trying to find their way through the breeze.  This unpredictable journey is so much sweeter once you decide to share it with your lover (in my opinion).  I'm super bummin that I can't go but I can't wait to watch it live on the web. You can too at the at 5:00 pm PST.  Just type in Joy Bishop and the wedding should pop up.  Congrats to the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Downer!! They already make the most darling family.

So, since I won't be there in person, this is my toast.  I love you Joy.  You have been a remarkable friend over the years.  Through all the heart ache and tears we found our forever future lover chaps and I am grateful for that summer of '06.  Because without it, I would have never had you as a sidekick, roommate, shoulder to lean on and confidante.  That summer might have led to an end to many things but it marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  So cheers to hindsight, the unexpected and love that will not only last a summer but will last a lifetime and then some.  Muah!

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