Friday, December 10, 2010

Lots of spots and sun spots

Poor Filly. We drag her everywhere.  From the Provo house, to Airborne, to the new cabin she is probably so confused about where her home is right now.  I spent a day sanding the exposed wood in the cabin (do you think we have enough projects going on right now?!) and she was held prisoner with me. She wasn't tearing up the plastic at my feet so I went to look for her.  Sure enough, there she was, all curled up in a sun spot in the middle of the room. And don't you just love our carpet? Perfect for the holidays, right? Oh and don't worry, the kitchen sink matches it.  I call our cabin the Elmo house because the carpet is as bright as the tickle me elmo doll.  But don't get too attached.  We are ripping out that 1984 mouse poop infested rug within the next hour.

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