Friday, December 31, 2010

A happy new year

On our way home from a long day of work we finally rolled down our road with gusts of wind coming at us at full force.  In the distance we see our wittle wooden cabin turned icebox - totally covered in snow - with the garage door wide open.  The only explanation is that a piece of snow fell down earlier in the morning as we closed it causing the sensor to automatically re-open.

We tried to pull into our driveway but we were derailed by a 4 ft high pile of snow from the wind.  After pulling over, we walked to the garage to find everything inside completely covered in snow.  Doooon't! Oh, and the pilot light was blown out too so no warm water :(

It's been one thing after the other these days.  We are hoping that all these little mishaps will be balanced with blessings and good tidings as we jump into this new year that has crept up on us way faster than anticipated.  And despite my whining, I've had a fabulous twenty ten.  At this time last year I had no idea what type of roller coaster I was in for and I'm still falling with my hands held high.  With all the excitement and changes a brewin' I have a truly good feeling about the next 365 days to come.  We are off to spend the evening with these crazy lovers to do the "5, 4, 3, 2... Woohoo!"  Happy new year everyone.  See you in oh eleven!!!

"Raise your glass and we'll have a cheer.
My dear acquaintance, happy new year!"

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Tiffany said...

Remember her concert last fall? SO fun. So many lesbians too.