Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Sunday

This week has been overflowing.  Whenever Mark's parents come into town it's like having 4 extra little helpers. They are the most active grandparents I have ever seen. Needless to say, we got a lot accomplished.  Airborne is almost a go (not counting a last minute leaky roof and a big fat 'F' on our inspection).  We are so close to having hundreds of little rugrats running around the place (fingers crossed) and we are jumpin' for joy at the way it is all coming together.  It really looks amazing.  Not like other cheesy family fun centers.

We hired a sander and painter off craigslist to work on the cabin because we just can't squeeze in any other working moments into our schedule but we did manage to move all of the big boxes and furniture over.  Everything is coming together and the house is starting to really feel like ours.

These past few weeks our sundays have never felt better.  It is true when they say you need a day of rest.  I am taking full advantage with a potroast cooking in the crockpot, fresh homemade popcorn, a family of deer in the backyard, Christmas music strumming in the background and a movie ready and waiting for us later in the evening.  And because I love pictures, I will leave you one of our little baby from a walk on a previous sunday afternoon.

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