Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Card: Happy Trails 2010

Our very first Christmas card
Please don't be offended if you never received a card from us.  I only had time and energy to make 30 and half of them came back yesterday because I failed to add .20 to the postage.  Apparently folding them into 4's makes the envelope too thick on only half the batch???  Bah humbug.

As of now, the tree is up, the stockings are hung and
the brown paper packages tied up with string have all been sent off.
For our very first Christmas we have many exciting things on our agenda
like this, this and this to name a few.
(not to mention the two whole days of work we are taking off!).
Like the card notes above, we have been very, very busy.
And although life throws us curve balls more often than not 
we couldn't be more thrilled with the many changes that are still to come.
We hope you all enjoy a well rested, bright lit,
fun filled fa-la-la holiday weekend with your loved ones!

Warm and very festive wishes,


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