Friday, October 1, 2010

Invitations - Check.

The envelopes are sealed and in mid flight. Thank goodness those suckers are good 'n gone.  I was hating my life but thanks to some good friends - like really, really, REALLY good friends I can mark them off my list... which might I add, continues to grow with more and more things to get done before the big day.  Yikes!!
This is me juggling airborne and wedding obligations as I seal the envelopes on the trampolines:
Ummm... 22 more days! Oh really? My life right now is pure chaos.


birds do it better... said...

why cant i be at that table licking envelopes with you guys. im so f-ing home sick. thanks for getting married so i get to come HOOOOMMMMEEE in 19 days!

amanda james said...

sure wish I could have stayed longer. I like ate and ran. I love that picture of you on the tramp- me and cub were laughing.