Monday, October 25, 2010

Honeymoon? Just kidding.

We parked the car and we were skipping giddy to the check in counter to jump start our honeymoon to Kauai, shortly to find out...

Oh no you di'int! We were trippin. The next flight available was the following afternoon so we had to extend and push everything back a day. Luckily, it was a breeze to change our connecting flights and hotel stays.

On the bright side:
- One more autumn day in slc
- One more day to hang with filly
- One more morning to wake up to snow capped mountains
- One more day of relaxation after a whirlwind month of wedding planning - which might I add turned out more lovely than i could have imagined. More of that to come. Signing off and finally going to board the plane. Yep, we are on our way. Later snow. Hellooooo tropics!


jmb said...

no way! I'm so glad you've got the right attitude. Sounds like a dream. Have a fantastic break, yall deserve it!

Kindsay and Erik said...

Have so much fun!!!! Love you and can't wait to hear about your fun adventures.