Saturday, September 25, 2010


My heart won't stop from pitter-pattering every time I think of my ring.  It's the most precious thing I will ever possess.  Unfortunately, it's still with the jeweler but I am about ready to die from the anticipation.  I have this image of how it will turn out and I just can't wait to see the final product.  I never thought I would care so much about my wedding ring but I'm beginning to feel like a busy bee without her honey.

Speaking of rings, have you seen Khloe Kardashian's?  She is not messin around.  I'm a little scrapper next to her.
By the way, I'm getting married in less than a month.  I'M GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN A MONTH!!!!!

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amanda james said...

oh my...I saw her ring on keeping up with the kardashians and she has some serious bling. she really doesn't mess around. i can't believe you're getting married in less than a month!