Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wasatch Crest Trail

As I sit here in Millcreek Canyon, watching the bikes for an hour while the boys get the other car at the trailhead, I think of just another reason why the iPhone is not overrated and why Utah is the most underrated state.

Instead of being bored out of my mind I can write about today's adventure while listening to the river-water roll through the rocks and as the sweat on my back still tries to dry. I have a good 45 minutes to kill.

We just traveled along the most beautiful 20 mile stretch of ridge line - the Wasatch Crest trail from Guardsman's Pass by Brighton Ski Resort to Millcreek Canyon. It is now my favorite mountain biking trail to date. If it weren't for the infamous "puke hill" at the beginning I would go for round two right now. We are going again on Wednesday morning if anyone's interested. Hit me up.

Solitude Ski Resort:
Desolation Lake:
Park City:

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