Monday, July 26, 2010

Eyelash Extensions

I started my own business doing eyelash extensions and can give you long, dark, natural looking lashes that stay on even in the water.  I have tried them and I am addicted.  I just roll out of bed and I am off for the day without doing any makeup.  Let me know if you are interested... I'll hook you up.  Click here for more info and here for my Facebook page.


Mel and Nate said...

I want some!!!! You are so talented. Next time I come to Utah I will have to make an appt. Love you!!!

Franklin said...

According to me eye lash extensions should have major two qualities such as cost factor and time factor, which are very much important. For starters it takes approximate two hours to apply the full set. These days people use Vancouver lash extension kit to extend their lashes instead of mascara.