Sunday, June 6, 2010

I really wish we could have escaped to San Francisco

Instead we were reminded of 100 degree weather in St. George. Ick. The heat was intense and I'm never a fan of the southern parts during these summer months.  Growing up, hot to me was 85 degrees and a cool ocean breeze.
While we were sweating our socks off, Chelsea was showcasing her art at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Fran.  That girl has some serious skills.  I took an oil painting class during my last semester in college and without hours and hours of studio time into the night I would have never made it.  Painting is such a skill that I am not blessed with but this girl has her brushes in the bag... to say the least.  I am amazed at all the talent that surrounds me.  I really wish we could have taken the opportunity to show our support and make a fun road trip out of it.  You can check out her goods here and here.  Congrats Chels - You are so hot right now!... and always.

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chelsea b james said...

thanks girl for giving a shout out! that show stole a year of my life.. seriously. next time we should all go together, it would be so dreamy!