Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hobble Creek Canyon

I biked up Hobble Creek for the first time the other day and it stole my heart.  It is by far one of the prettiest roads, not to mention smoothest and peaceful - perfect for road biking.  I kept a tally on the way:

I passed -
      only 7 people walking
      1 shooting range
      about 6 different horse trailers
      2 herds of cows
      1 windy river
      many green fields
      3 dead snakes
      1 dead skunk
      2 dead squirrels
      1 golf course
      father and son on horseback
      1 dog
      about 1,000,000 tree walks

I was passed by -
      6 cars in an hour and a half

I felt like I was alone on the road most of the time.  I decided to stop a moment for a quick photo op.

P.S.  I'm waiting for some of my peeps to hit the road with me (ahem, Teri, Jessica, Chelsea, Amanda, Alisa...).


amanda james said...

ps...I'm getting a bike for my bday, and my bootie is growing at a rapid pace so pa pa please lets go when I get back!

Kassey said...

ummm don't forget about me! well if I can pull my kids in the bike trailer too that is.